• Arabica Gayo Wild Civet

    Aroma: Floral, Sweet Fruity
    Acidity: Medium
    Body: High Body
    Flavour: Chocolaty, Orange and Caramel after taste
  • Arabica Mandheling

    Aroma: Flowery like tea
    Acidity: High
    Body: Medium, Smooth, Very Clean after taste
    Flavour: Lemony, Chocolaty and nutty hints

    Aroma : Fresh Nutty and Flower
    Flavor : Spicy
    Acidity : High and Very Clean
    Body : Medium
  • Arabica Toraja

    Aroma: Spicy Fruity , Excellent Aroma
    Flavor: Herbal , Earthy, Appears Caramel dark chocolate , wine and Balance Bitter
    Acidity: High
    Body: Medium
  • Robusta Lampung

    Aroma: Nutty, Caramel
    Acidity: Low
    Body: High, Smooth after taste
    Flavour: Nutty, Caramel, Chocholaty.

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    Coffee Production In Indonesia

    Indonesia is currently the fourth largest producer of coffee in the world. Coffee in Indonesia began with its colonial history, and has played an important part in the growth of the country. Indonesia is located within an ideal geography for coffee plantations. The longitude and latitude
    of the country means that the island origins are all well
    suited micro-climates for the growth and production
    of coffee, resulting in widespread environmental
    degradation and the destruction of tropical
    rainforests that have the highest...

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    There´s 10 reasons why must be choosed Indonesia Coffee Trading as Your partner.

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