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Gayo (Sumatra coffee), only the selected plantations that we know, most of which are organic in practice. Expect a powerful coffee from what some would call the king of Sumatran Arabicas. is an intense coffee with a strong body and flavor to match. It is low in acidity with slight earthy tones and a bittersweet spicy chocolate end. Lake Toba (Lintong – Sumatra Coffee), It is the ancient volcanic soils surrounding the historic high altitude Lake Toba that produces this unique and delightfully soft Mandheling. is a soft velvety Mandheling with citrusy notes, a slightly bitter chocolate end and a clean finish. Mandheling (Sumatra Coffee), This coffee is sourced from certified estates that produce their coffee in an ecologically sustainable way. Rainforest certification is about caring for the land, which we believe is reflected in the taste of the coffee it a clean coffee with citrusy notes and a slightly earthy full-bodied tone.


Java coffee has a history and for centuries been known along with its African partner for the famous Mocha-Java blend. Why not experience the distinctive strong flavor of a Java coffee in its original pure form.


Bali coffee is unique among the Indonesian Arabicas because of its mild flavor intensity, medium acidity and a fruity character (from the intercrop tangerine trees). Bali Kintamani Arabica is a bright floral coffee with fruity features and a clean, bright and lively taste.

Sulawesi (Toraja)

Toraja coffee, that we source from the beautiful mountains of the remote isle of Sulawesi. Think Toraja, think a deep coffee. Renowned for its syrupy body, intense flavor and earthy tones. We have sourced one of mildest for you here. Toraja coffee is characterised by a heavy body, low acidity and an intense earthy flavor. Look for a chocolaty aftertaste with a hint of spice.


Flores Arabica is a coffee bean that was meant to go to the dark side. This bean, when roasted dark, has a wonderful syrupy body with hints of chocolate. Ideal for espressos. Flores Arabica is a low acid, full-bodied coffee with an intense flavor. It is sweet and a little spicy with a nutty caramel aftertaste.


This type of Arabica coffee Wamena grows in the valley Baliem mountain area Jayawijaya Mamena. What is interesting is the growth of this type of coffee plant does not use chemical fertilizers. This type of Arabica coffee Wamena can grow naturally. The Papua coffee growing region, is one of the most remote and purest places in the world. The coffee grows wild at high altitudes and is naturally covered by rainforest. The beans are collected and carried out along long trails where they are sold in small volumes by local traders. Definitely a rare and difficult to source bean. A soft low-acid coffee with fruity and winey tones along with a wild floral taste.

Luwak Coffee

Luwak coffee is known as the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. It is definitely unique and only available in very limited quantities from plantations on the isles of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi along the Indonesian Archipelago. The coffee is so unique because the beans pass through the digestive tract of the Luwak cat (Civet) which lives naturally in the forests surrounding the coffee plantations. What makes Kopi Luwak so special is the selection of the ripest cherries by the civet and the natural fermentation of the beans during the digestive process. Enzymes act on the beans to soften the acidity and reduce the earthy tones while building the body and the deep unique flavor of the coffee beans. The resulting coffee is said to be like no other. It has a rich, heavy flavor with hints of caramel or chocolate. Other terms used to describe it are earthy, musty and exotic. The body is almost syrupy and it is very smooth. Why is Luwak Coffee so expensive A Because of the rarity of this coffee, the price is quite outrageous. If you can find a vendor, the current cost for a pound of Luwak Coffee is around $300 or more. Some more adventurous coffee houses are selling it by the cup, but you won’t likely find it at your local coffee shop just yet. The coffee isn’t so spectacular that it is truly worth that amount of money. You are paying for the experience of enjoying such an unusual and rare delicacy.

Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea)

We are a small-scale, independent Cascara coffee cherry tea distributor, one of the last remaining producers operating in Sumatra (Gayo) and Java (West and East Jave) . we are able to provide you with authentic kishr coffee-cherry tea.    

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