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In 1959 total areas of Private Coffee Plantations and State Owned Plan- tations covering 42.291 Hectars all together, while the total of Small Holders Plantations was 256,158 Hectars. Based on those areas of coffee plantations, the total Indonesia coffee production in 1959 was only 84.274 tonnnage. Up to 2007 the total areas of Private Plantation and State Owned  Planta- tion has increased slightly, i.e. only become 52.482 Hectare (4%), while
 The Small Holders Plantations has increased significantly became 1.243.429 Hectare (96%). (Source : Ministry of Agriculture RI) Based on above total areas of coffee plantations in 2007, the Indonesia coffee production became 650,000 tonnage with specifications : from the total Small Holders Plantation 96,20 %, and the balance covering : from the Private Plantations 10.000 tons (1,50 %) and from the State Owned Plantations 15.000 tons (2.3 %).

Coffee Source in indonesia

In Indonesia There are three main coffee growing areas .  Which is Java is the one of the largest islands in the archipelago and also the largest producer of coffee. Java Island is renowned for its gourmet Arabica coffee.  For the information Arabica coffee is most suited to altitudes over 1500 m from the sea level . and It grows well in temperatures of 16-20 degrees Celsius. Arabica plants tend to be more prone to disease so  Indonesian Coffee farmers must pay close attention to the plants while they are growing. Another major coffee producing island in Indonesia is Sulawesi, which was once known as Celebes. Coffee grown in Sulawesi is mostly processed using the dry method and Semi Washed Method. . The coffee growing region in Sulawesi is Toraja, and  where the coffee grows in the mountainous area near the center of the island 1500 meters above sea level. Coffee Picking Process and sorting Process  of the coffee cherries is done by hand making the coffee of very high quality as only the best cherries are picked it make the coffee really waranty in  quality .

Toraja Arabica has a very distinguished personality in terms of its full bodied taste paired with caramelized aroma, and a crisp and clean aftertaste.  The low annual yield of Toraja’s Arabica makes this coffee highly sought after by coffee connoisseurs worldwide. Toraja Sulawesi coffee is particularly very popular in Japan. There is a very limited supply of Toraja coffee in the world due to the cultivation practices and conditions. The highest grades of Toraja coffee are normally reserved for export to many countries.

Sumatra Island is another major coffee producing area of Indonesia. Sumatra produces two of the world’s most famous and high quality coffees which is Mandheling , Lintong And Gayo Coffee  . Sumatra Mandheling coffee is produced  in mandheling Natal, in the west coast coffee district. This coffee is characterized by a low-key acidity and a heavy, almost syrupy, body with a concentrated and complex flavor. Grown in west-central Sumatra, both of these coffees are dry-processed and are renowned for their unique and rich flavor. Indonesia’s most highly sought after specialty coffees are the Toraja Coffee , Java and Mandheling. In addition the another regional specialties have attracted attention in recent years, including Arabica Bali, Wamena Papua, Aceh Gayo, Flores Bajawa,  and Robusta Lampung

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